Thursday, November 13, 2008

Talk Is Cheap 2.0

Okay, I know..

It's been over two months since my last post. I promised this wouldn't happen, yet once again it has. Well, seeing as my schedule has recently been freed up, I might as well dive right back into this sphere that is of blogs.

Tonight I found myself at the Talk Is Cheap 2.0 social media unconference held at Centennial College. I feel this is a good topic to oil my rusty blogging joints with, seeing as this time last year, I also blogged about the unconference. However, this time last year, I was a wandering soul. In the short 12 months that have passed, I went from being an undergrad with no sense of direction, to studying in Humber's excellent pr postgraduate certificate program, to interning at PraxisPR for two months, to where I am right now. It's been a great experience! I can now proudly say that I have some what of an idea of what public relations is, lol! Public relations, social media.. these terms are just an umbrella of all the different elements they encompass. I saw a lot of familiar faces at tonight's unconference. From where, you are wondering? Well just a week before last year's unconference, I attended my very first Third Tuesday Toronto (TTT) Meetup, where I started to become aware of the whole public relations industry and all the cool people who are a part of it. These are the same faces I see every few months. I browse their blogs, follow them on Twitter, and have even connected with them on professional levels. THIS is social media in action. I do not claim to be a social media expert, but I can definitely vouch for its influence and importance.

Last year, I started my very first blog. It was a good first effort, although it quickly lost steam. However, it served its purpose. I wanted to learn about public relations. I wanted to improve my writing skills. I wanted to get into the postgrad program at Humber. Check. Check. Check. My interest in blogging also guided me in the direction of social media and local enthusiasts. I'm happy to have had these experiences and I know that this is what I want to be doing. One year later and it hasn't lost its sparkle. Last year, I was inspired to blog. After tonight I feel that inspiration has returned, but its form is still somewhat unclear to me. I will continue to read, comment and write, and see where it takes me. Good night!