Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rules of TTC Engagement

So I feel this post is long overdue. I've been a loyal TTC rider for six years now and I've encountered lots of interesting slash irritating experiences. It is because of them that I feel the need to voice my opinion. I feel there needs to be a TTC etiquette guideline all riders should be aware of. Kind of like the rules of a club or association. If you're paying to ride, you should be considerate of your fellow riders. Here is my list of TTC/public transit thoughts and suggestions (and complaints):

(1) When riding the escalators (or even when taking the stairs), consider the fast lane aka the left side. Some people may be in a rush and when you walk/stand in the middle or on the left there are people behind you being held up.

(2) Sitting beside strangers is already crossing over into personal space. Why not be aware of your body and surroundings and not lean against the person beside you? Personally, I try to keep my arms and legs together respectfully and don't unnecessarily have body contact with the people beside me. I try not to sit on people when getting into my own seat as well.Side: on two separate occasions, the same man sat beside me on the subway (WHAT are the chances?!) and he would constantly sway towards me. He would "fall asleep" with his arms crossed but his hands would stick out to the sides and his hairy fingers would jab me in the side at every jerk of the train. Or he would read the paper holding his arms out and would narrowly brush against my arm or further in front... It was quite a disturbing experience and one of those times I found myself pushed up against the glass side while others looked on as he "slept" before I couldn't take it anymore and had to get up and stand the rest of my ride.But moving on...

(3) Loud talkers/laughers: is that REALLY necessary? The subway is already stuffy and crowded enough (enough to give me a headache or feel nauseous) and your voice ringing in my ears makes me want to say something to you. But I won't.

(4) During rush hour times, why not move in a little or stand to the side of the pole according to the arm you're using to hold on with so others can secure themselves as well? Everyone wants to get where they're going, and no one likes falling when the train lurches.

(5) Here's one I just encountered (I'm commuting as I write this): using the TTC is much like driving a car - when there are high traffic areas, take turns! I kindly let someone go in front of me who was trying to get on the escalator from the side and immediately another guy tried to squeeze in too. Not impressed, thanks.

(6) This one just happened too (guess its good to be immersed in your subject huh?): poles are not meant for leaning on! Would you not rather move aside and hold on to the pole so others can hold on too? Or do you like it when unsteady people fall into/grab onto you? Just saying...
K well, that's all I've got for now. If I keep going you might stop reading/never ride the TTC again. But if you have any other vital thoughts to add, please share. I take comefort in knowing I'm not the only one with public transit woes.