Saturday, January 31, 2009


So, for lack of anything better to do at 3:08 a.m. and an inexplicable refusal to sleep, I've been google reader-ing, twittering and of course, facebooking (I enjoy making verbs out of nouns). I also decided to check up on my blog via technorati, only to find I'd been tagged by fellow blogger and friend over at The F-Word. The rules of this digital version of a childhood classic are to (1) post seven personal facts about yourself and (2) tag seven other bloggers to continue the game. Let's see what I can come up with!

`1. I enjoy "prettifying" any and everything I do, for enjoyment of all things visually pleasing and because it helps pass the time.

`2. I've always considered myself a closet tech geek for I foster a love for computers, the internet, gadgets, and most recent to my collection: social media. However, since entering the realm of new media/the blogosphere and microblogging etc., I realize I am quite the amateur.

`3. This might be harmful in admitting, but I prefer to put pen to paper (or digits to keys) when formulating thoughts and ideas-- but I aspire to be more vocal.

`4. I will forever hold a candle in my heart for the Backstreet Boys, no matter how far down the alphabet they get in celeb status. BSB4LYFE.

`5. Ice cream is my weakness. Now you know.

`6. I take comfort in the crowds. On a personal level, at least. My network of friends and family are as much a part of me as the toes are on my feet. Sure, you could take them away and I'd live, but I'd definitely be unbalanced.

`7. My wittiness takes me by surprise quite often as I find myself slowly evolving over my lifetime from small and awkward introvert-wannabe-extrovert to a geeky fun-lover who is loud at the wrong times, and I either (a) LOL at myself or (b) pat myself on my back.

There you have it. The first seven things I could think of, haha.

Now it's your turn, tag--you're it!

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[7] Chrissy @ The Daily Grind

I don't necessarily think you have to go personal with this game. If you'd like to share seven pearls of wisdom, seven do's and don't's(?) of said industry, seven cool facts about your company, whatever!- go for it! And please don't forget to link to me so I can read up all about you. Have fun!

Friday, January 30, 2009

a cuppie unconference? - Home of CupcakeCamp Toronto

Last weekend I attended a first for Toronto, and perhaps even Canada. Labspace Studio was host to CupcakecampTO and it was quite the spectacle! For $5 you could enter the event and sample a plethora of creatively and attractively appealing cupcakes to your heart (or stomach's) content. Or, if you are an even greater cuppie enthusiast and have the magical talent that is baking genious, you could enter as a baker for $2 to showcase your creations. Judges from taste tested all the baked goodies and the winners were announced for Best Flavour Combination in A Cupcake, Best Dessert Inspired Cupcake, Best Twist on a Classic Cupcake, and Best in Show. All proceeds raised were donated to the Toronto Humane Society. Two of my favourite things: sweet treats and sweet animals -- all in need of a good home! I'd take them all in if I could, really.

Don't mind my impromptu advertising for Sugar*Baking, who baked some very yummy treats for the event. Also keep an eye out for CapitalCupcake which is to take place in Ottawa. Details to come!

Some pictures I snapped up:

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Galen G. Weston Receives CEO Award of Excellence in Public Relations

Today I attended the 16th Annual CPRS CEO Award of Excellence in Public Relations luncheon at the Royal York Fairmont in Toronto. This was my first CPRS event and it was quite motivational. A room full of PR professionals and aspirers gathered together to watch Galen G. Weston receive this prestigious honour. A couple jokes were made about this event competing with Barack Obama's inauguration ceremony, which was happening at the same time in Washington, D.C. and Weston said he was flattered we chose him.

I enjoyed the 3 course meal at a table of fellow student members (shoutouts to Matt and Amy from Seneca's corp communications program, Crystal from York, Michael from UofT and Natasha from Humber! Woot woot Table #24!). We shared light conversation about our experiences in the industry thus far over President's Choice molten lava chocolate cake and President's Choice pineapple cake, courtesy of G.G. Weston--they were delicious, I recommend!

Weston's speech was well delivered. He engaged the audience with his good humour and inspiring words. He spoke of his family and Loblaw Companies Ltd.'s initiatives in corporate social responsibility and within the company culture. He delivered Loblaw's key strategies and objectives, which won him the Award of Excellence. My favourites were the last two: integrity and fun. Those resonated within me the strongest because they are the same criteria I measure against when making decisions about my professional life. Everything I do is because I believe in it, and because I do it becomes enjoyable and fulfilling. Weston's award was well deserved—he demonstrates excellence in communications by listening to everyone around him and delivering an honest message his company and the public value and want to share.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

new media junkie in the making

The past few days have seen me downloading and signing up for more and more new media platforms. These things are great for keeping up with the world of social media but they sure can burn the clock!

Right now, I am liking TweetDeck- a software app which lets you send and receive Twitter tweets, organize tweets by groups you create, filter tweets you receive in your customizable columns.. and way more I probably have yet to discover.

I'm also enjoying the convenience my Google Reader brings, for delivering all my blogsite and news updates to me, instead of me going to them. I've got all my sites categorized and now I can easily get up to speed with current events!

Here's a peek at what's going on on my macbook now:

(Click image to enlarge)

Note the browser buttons, StumbleUpon toolbar, TwitterFeeds and GoogleReader buttons on my bookmarks toolbar, and the TweetDeck icon (black silhouette of a bird) in my dock at the bottom. I should've highlighted them in the picture, but... too late for that.

Got any pics of your screen to share in my geekiness??? :D

Saturday, January 10, 2009

2009 International CES to debut LG Watch Phone

Tiny phone; many features

It has yet to be claimed by a specific carrier and its retail value remains undetermined. But don't underestimate the hype that already surrounds this new all-encompassing gadget that has all techies drooling all over themselves for. To be released this year (estimated in the second half of the year), LG's new 3G watch-phone is a small, sleek 1.43" touch screen which acts as a timepiece, cellular phone, mp3 player and digital camera, to name a few. A speaker allows texts to be voice-translated to you and reversibly, voice recognition so you can speak a message to be turned into text.

"The LG Watch Phone will be available in Europe later this year, but pricing is not yet known, and the company has no plans to bring it to the U.S. just yet. It'll be available in a range of colors, from black and silver to blue, red, and even pink." --Nicole Lee, editor, CNET

For more shots of the watch-phone, click here
You may also watch a video of the watch-phone in a demo here

* * *