Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Fashion Week renamed to incorporate new sponsor

Fashion Week in Toronto, formerly sponsored by L'Oreal, will now be hosted by LG, makers of consumer electronics, home appliances and mobile communications.

This comes at a time when amends were to be made by Robin Kay, executive director of fashion week and president of the FDCC, delivered what has become a highly buzzed (no pun intended) speech during the Fall 2008 show. Known for her affinity for mixing business with pleasure (translation: knocking back a few during fashion week), Kay's speech was one i'm sure many won't forget. The FDCC has announced that she will remain as president and that the change in title sponsor has nothing to do with this incident.

In my honest opinion, sure, she was a bit sloppy, and yes, the speech dragged on.. but for the most part, she was pretty coherent and had good intentions and messages she wanted to deliver. But I do have to agree that professionalism must reign and I'm sure this will be something she won't be able to forget for a long time either.

To see for yourself:

And to read an article about the new title sponsor:

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