Wednesday, January 14, 2009

new media junkie in the making

The past few days have seen me downloading and signing up for more and more new media platforms. These things are great for keeping up with the world of social media but they sure can burn the clock!

Right now, I am liking TweetDeck- a software app which lets you send and receive Twitter tweets, organize tweets by groups you create, filter tweets you receive in your customizable columns.. and way more I probably have yet to discover.

I'm also enjoying the convenience my Google Reader brings, for delivering all my blogsite and news updates to me, instead of me going to them. I've got all my sites categorized and now I can easily get up to speed with current events!

Here's a peek at what's going on on my macbook now:

(Click image to enlarge)

Note the browser buttons, StumbleUpon toolbar, TwitterFeeds and GoogleReader buttons on my bookmarks toolbar, and the TweetDeck icon (black silhouette of a bird) in my dock at the bottom. I should've highlighted them in the picture, but... too late for that.

Got any pics of your screen to share in my geekiness??? :D


Yvonne Kai said...

u win
numero uno geek

xoxo michelle said...

merci beaucoup! danke! domo arigato! =D