Saturday, January 10, 2009

2009 International CES to debut LG Watch Phone

Tiny phone; many features

It has yet to be claimed by a specific carrier and its retail value remains undetermined. But don't underestimate the hype that already surrounds this new all-encompassing gadget that has all techies drooling all over themselves for. To be released this year (estimated in the second half of the year), LG's new 3G watch-phone is a small, sleek 1.43" touch screen which acts as a timepiece, cellular phone, mp3 player and digital camera, to name a few. A speaker allows texts to be voice-translated to you and reversibly, voice recognition so you can speak a message to be turned into text.

"The LG Watch Phone will be available in Europe later this year, but pricing is not yet known, and the company has no plans to bring it to the U.S. just yet. It'll be available in a range of colors, from black and silver to blue, red, and even pink." --Nicole Lee, editor, CNET

For more shots of the watch-phone, click here
You may also watch a video of the watch-phone in a demo here

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Colleen said...

If only it let us check twitter too. I love the new look. Keep posting!

Yvonne said...

sick i want it
link my blog baby boo!