Saturday, January 31, 2009


So, for lack of anything better to do at 3:08 a.m. and an inexplicable refusal to sleep, I've been google reader-ing, twittering and of course, facebooking (I enjoy making verbs out of nouns). I also decided to check up on my blog via technorati, only to find I'd been tagged by fellow blogger and friend over at The F-Word. The rules of this digital version of a childhood classic are to (1) post seven personal facts about yourself and (2) tag seven other bloggers to continue the game. Let's see what I can come up with!

`1. I enjoy "prettifying" any and everything I do, for enjoyment of all things visually pleasing and because it helps pass the time.

`2. I've always considered myself a closet tech geek for I foster a love for computers, the internet, gadgets, and most recent to my collection: social media. However, since entering the realm of new media/the blogosphere and microblogging etc., I realize I am quite the amateur.

`3. This might be harmful in admitting, but I prefer to put pen to paper (or digits to keys) when formulating thoughts and ideas-- but I aspire to be more vocal.

`4. I will forever hold a candle in my heart for the Backstreet Boys, no matter how far down the alphabet they get in celeb status. BSB4LYFE.

`5. Ice cream is my weakness. Now you know.

`6. I take comfort in the crowds. On a personal level, at least. My network of friends and family are as much a part of me as the toes are on my feet. Sure, you could take them away and I'd live, but I'd definitely be unbalanced.

`7. My wittiness takes me by surprise quite often as I find myself slowly evolving over my lifetime from small and awkward introvert-wannabe-extrovert to a geeky fun-lover who is loud at the wrong times, and I either (a) LOL at myself or (b) pat myself on my back.

There you have it. The first seven things I could think of, haha.

Now it's your turn, tag--you're it!

[1] Hack the Bone

[2] Diamonds&Pearl

[3] Apple Blossoms & Cupcakes

[4] hey do you*

[5] iJustine

[6] Parker @ BlogCampaigning

[7] Chrissy @ The Daily Grind

I don't necessarily think you have to go personal with this game. If you'd like to share seven pearls of wisdom, seven do's and don't's(?) of said industry, seven cool facts about your company, whatever!- go for it! And please don't forget to link to me so I can read up all about you. Have fun!


fashionpraddict said...

WAHAHA i just died laughing when you admitted to your forever love for the Backstreet Boys LOL

Yvonne said...

xoxoxo cupcake conference!! ps u coming to shopaholic?

xoxo michelle said...

@fashionpraddict i'm a true and loyal fan.

@Yvonne i'm trying to round up some troops! :D